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Game of Thrones online movie: Will there be a GoT film? George RR Martin drops massive hint

Game of thrones online could also be over, but the author of the first books behind the series, George RR Martin, has set tongues wagging a few possible movies. Despite a not-so-well-received final chapter, Game of Thrones online remains an iconic series. The books on which it'sits based, by George RR Martin, are still ongoing, meaning the creator himself often corrects a number of the storylines. If this does not work, fans may have a movie to help cleanse their palate from the last film. In a recent post on his Not a Blog website, Martin confirmed his current work is that specialize in writing The Winds of Winter. He said: "I am still up within the mountains, doing the social distancing rag, and writing WINDS OF WINTER. "I have good days and bad days, but I ''m making progress." Martin then dropped a bombshell about the assembly of his upcoming Game of Thrones online prequel series, House of the Dragon.

While discussing this, he also suggested there might be another massive project within the works – a Game of Thrones film. Martin continued: "Hollywood has mostly closed down also, a minimum of as far as actual production cares. "(If this pandemic goes on long enough, 'I'm wondering if the pipeline will go dry and that we will start to run out of latest films and tv shows. If so, sheltering in situ goes to urge an order of magnitude harder. "Television immediately is doing tons to stay us all sane — and no, not the news, which has the other effect). But while nothing is being filmed immediately, development is constant apace, since writers can still write reception. "The only thing I ''m writing myself is that the WINDS OF WINTER, as I even have said many times… but with my producer's hat on, I'm still involved during several exciting new shows for HBO, and a couple of film projects also ." For fans fearing Martin is pausing work on The Winds of Winter to form a movie, he confirmed this is often not the case. However, clearly' she's also performing on something exciting, which can be a Game of Thrones film.
Martin said he was involved in " a few film projects," so it might be quite just Game of Thrones online movie is coming to the large screen, or multiple films of the series are within the works.

Annoyingly for fans, Martin stopped there, and gave hints about the prequel series, House of the Dragon, before sharing a warning about his film reveals. He added: "When and if any of those make it to the screen, well, that's always the question… but I do know that Ryan Condal and his team are roaring ahead on the scripts for HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, which one features a full season's order from HBO.
"As for the opposite stuff I'll or might not be involved in, I could tell you, on the other hand, I'dI'd need to kill you all."
Let's hope before anyone has got to die for asking questions; Martin will have revealed more about his film projects.